Sunday, September 22, 2013

More Pictures Of Fingernail Polish Designs

The most basic tool of any fingernail artist is nail polish. These people can create crazy, funky, cool and cute nail art just by using basic nail polish that is available at most drug stores. Envy these people? I do too! So while searching the net for more pictures of fingernail polish designs to recreate some of these fantasic nail art designs myself, i came across some that i just HAD to share with you!

Super cute cell leaf design

Water marble nail art

Funky zebra stripes

Cute gradient

Yummy cupcake Nail art

Cross hatch

Cute gradient with sparkles

Polkadot frenzy

Nail art collage

Cute tips and flower nail design

Singled out cheetah print

Night time gradient with sparkes

Cute cupcake, stipes, polkadots and heart nail art

Aren't these pictures of fingernail polish designs super cute? I absolutely adore the creativity that these ladies have and can't thank them enough for posting pictures of their beautiful nails.

Do you have awesome nail art that you have done? Link in the comments. I would love to see what you have created!

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